App Development

I build hybrid apps for web, iOS and Android with a single efficient code base.

I offer my experience especially for small businesses or startups, supporting you with planning, conception and building.

Let's figure out what works best for your app project.

Working on the app project, I chose the latest Ionic Framework to create a state-of-the-art user experience across all platforms.

For Authentication, User Data, Storage and Cloud Functions, Search and Map I work with the power of Google Firebase, Algolia and Mapbox.

Based on Ionic, Vue,js, Capacitor and Tailwind is an individually designed solution for exchanging files with customers.

Securely transfer large files with clear status notifications.

Based on Vue.js, Tailwind and Google Cloud/Firebase

With, I created a word guessing game for my mum as a little side project.

Installable PWA created with Svelte, Tailwind and Firebase.

Don't be disappointed there are currently no new words coming.

I'll be happy to discuss your ideas