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My experience comes from working as an employee in various agencies and with numerous free projects.

Latest tech I'm working with

Work with me

hourly or package
  • Individual WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Individual web or single page apps
  • Frontend & Backend
  • full consultation, concept and implementation
  • support & maintaining existing projects
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Website Roast
  • Experts feedback on your website
  • Brutally honest, to level up your site
  • Get a screen recorded video
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • User experience & technical perspective
  • Optional Q&A Talk
  • Optional PDF Feedback
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WordPress Support
  • Benefit from years of WordPress experience
  • 1:1 video call
  • Plugins, PHP Errors, Performance, SEO, Installation, Backups, Cleanup
  • Help you to fix it yourself or plan full support
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On all prices applies additional UST

Latest projects

  • Landing page for a startup
  • Ionic / Vue / Tailwind
  • Website and web app
  • manyways.app
  • Company website
  • WordPress / Individual Theme
  • Individual Design & Theme
  • ad-con.de
  • Sports club website
  • WordPress / Individual Theme
  • Advanced editing and release system
  • tv-neckarau.de
  • Podcast Hosting & Website
  • WordPress / Individual Theme
  • Synced to Spotify, Apple Podcast and more
  • weltenbummbla.de

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