Video Creator with creative and emotional ideas for moving images.

As a videographer, I show that there is not always the need of a huge and expensive production team to produce emotional videos that reach their target audience.

After years of experience in the field of photography, my urge for new challenges has brought me to the subject of video. In doing so, it makes me great fun to depart from the outgoing paths and inspire the viewer with new ideas.


  • Film production
  • Imagefilm
  • Productvideo
  • Videomarketing
  • Commercial
  • Weddingvideo
  • Eventvideo
  • Partyteaser
  • Musikvideo

In order to also realize extensive video projects, I have a network of experts from different fields such as speakers, performers, sound studios and music producers.

Philip Hoheisel

To keep trying new ideas and develop my skills, I am present on YouTube with weekly new videos.

zu YouTube